Data Format Match Error When Adding Budget Lines

We are aware of a bug that will not allow you to add new budget lines in the portal. The error will give a message that says “Must match Format Type”. We’ve narrowed this error to Chrome browsers as of now so it will not affect all users. Our team is working to resolve this […]

Prepare Year End Donor Statements

Your year end donor statements are easy to produce out of the Simplify Church Bookkeeping Portal. Login to the portal 2. Choose Contributors from the Left Side Navigation. 3. Choose the Button for “Giving Report” 4. Choose Your Desired Report Date Range. Select Search. 5. Select the Orange Button “PDF Giving Report” 6. Your reports […]

Add a New Person

Simplify Community is managed by person, meaning, each person can be entered individually first, then they are added or connected to a family relationship. To Add a New Person – Click either the QuickLink in the Dashboard for “Add Person” or; Click on the “Person” link in the sidebar. – From Person Page, Click Add […]